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Brass Foot Rails Products

At Brassrails, we have all the components you need for building your brass bar. From brackets to flanges, end caps to fittings. Our bar footrails can be used in restaurants, bars, theaters, gyms, homes, and more.

We also have a broad range of Fabrication Services for your brass bar to save you or your company time and money including:

  • AutoCAD Services
  • CNC Fabrication
  • Tube Bending
  • Welding
  • Finishing

Our collection of hardware will provide the finishing touch you’ve been looking for in your next project!

Enhance your project with handrails from Brassworks. The incorporation of a bar footrails not only elevates the design of your brass bar but also ensures a comfortable experience for yourself, customers, friends, and family. A valuable upgrade that contributes to the overall appeal and functionality of your bar. Let us transform and create a space that exceeds expectations; place your order today.



Our footrails are meticulously crafted to ensure long-lasting durability. Constructed with premium materials, these footrails will serve your project seamlessly for not only years but potentially decades to come. Invest in reliability and longevity with handrails that stand the test of time, just like your enduring project.



Elevate the visual appeal of your space with footrails that go beyond functionality, offering beautiful and elegant designs that are unparalleled. Discover a level of refinement that sets your project apart from the rest. Our exclusive designs are a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, ensuring a touch of sophistication that you won’t find anywhere else. Make a statement with handrails that combine functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.


Easy to Install

Simplify the installation process with our user-friendly footrails. Designed for hassle-free setup, our products come with clear instructions and intuitive features to make installation a breeze. Save time and effort without compromising on quality. Enjoy the convenience of easy installation, allowing you to focus on the overall success of your project.



Tailor your footrails to match your unique vision. Our customizable options empower you to choose any size and shape that perfectly fits your project’s specific requirements. Whether you have distinct dimensions in mind or crave a particular design flair, our customization options ensure that your handrails align seamlessly with your needs. Unlock endless possibilities and create a personalized touch that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.

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